Shelf Library Canvas Cabinet Section


Introducing the Shelf Library Canvas Cabinet, a seamless addition to FRAMA’s versatile Shelf Library universe.

This innovative cabinet effortlessly integrates into the Shelf Library system, offering both functionality and aesthetics. Inspired by the traditional Japanese “Noren,” the cabinet features a heavy canvas fabric door and decorative panel, serving as a stylish partition and ensuring privacy. 

  • The cabinet comes ready to mount
  • Cabinets are not free-standing and must be mounted to rails
  • Shelf Library Cabinet (M) can hold 25 kg (depending on wall material and mounting)
  • The canvas curtain can be draped in a variety of ways
  • Packaging includes: Shelf Library Cabinet (M) + 1 x Interior Shelf , Heavy canvas, 4 x mounting hook, 8 x mounting hook screw, 10 x threaded insert, 4 x shelf pin, 20 x rail bolt, 2 x rail, 3 x shelf, 6 x bracket
  • Assembly guide here
Solid natural oiled oak; heavy canvas, 100% cotton
1 x cabinet: H 26.77" / W 31.50" / D 10.63", 2 x Shelves: D 7.87" / W 31.50", 1 x Shelf: D 10.63" / W 31.50"
Expected delivery time: 8-10 weeks

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