Price per panel. Available in standard and extended sizes. Please inquire directly for a custom quote: sales@assemblyline.co.

Oceania explores fluidity of form by offering an immersion into underwater landscapes.

To create the collection, we worked with water’s changing states, combining techniques of submersion and evaporation. We began with a series of watercolor washes that we then scattered with salt. The salt dissolves to leave crystalline traces that capture the soft texture of the seawater.

Oceania evokes the sensory shift we experience under water. It follows the currents that carry the stories of our hidden histories – from the song of the siren, to legends of lost cities.

Available in 6 different color ways. See here for Tear Sheet.

Pricing starts at $1,410 per panel.

Type II Vinyl
Standard: W 51 ̋ × H 132 ̋ | Extended: W 51 ̋ × H 180"
4 weeks

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