Leaf Shelf


The Leaf Shelf is an attempt to create a shelving system that strikes the ultimate balance between aesthetics, stability and packability. It is characterized by a very pure aesthetic – the aim being that the leg pillars are the centre of attention. With an organic and clean expression – being sculpted in the shape of a leaf – they give the system its signature look.

The construction itself is also breaking ground in terms of stability, as it is entirely contained without any visible screws or extra stabilising parts underneath the shelf. The versatile design means the shelf looks great from all angles, therefore it can be used as a sideboard, free standing shelving or as a room divider.

Material: Solid European Oak Care: Oil replenishment recommended 1-2 times a year
1 x 2 – L: 39" x W: 12" x H: 22" Weight: 22 lb 2 x 2 – L: 79" x W: 12" x H: 22" Weight: 40.5 lb 1 x 3 – L: 39" x W: 12" x H: 36" Weight: 33 lb 2 x 3 – L: 78.7" x W: 12" x H: 36.2" Weight: 66 lb
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