Atmosphere Collection


$15 price shown is for an 8 x 10 inch sample. Price per square foot is $47. Please inquire directly for a custom quote:

Atmosphere is inspired by the way the world is painted anew each day by the natural shifts and changes of our atmosphere. Its impressionistic pattern mirrors the soft shapes of clouds as they are sculpted by the play of light and whims of the wind. 

Looking to the sky above us as an open canvas, Atmosphere conveys a sense of the infinite variety found in the natural cycles of our climate. The collection combines flowing brushstrokes and ephemeral hues with reflective metallics to emulate the feeling of sunlight peeking through shifting clouds. The result is an immersive sky scape that catches the imagination, bringing a serene visual meditation into the home.

Atmosphere creates an environment that is at once evocative and grounded. Filled with amorphous cloud forms tinted by the transitioning hues of the sun’s natural light, it reminds us of the transformative possibilities in the air all around us.

Available in 8 different color ways. See here for Tear Sheet.

Square foot pricing Non-repeating custom mural Type II Vinyl Class A fire-rating, ASTM E84
Sample Lead Time: 1 week
Wallpaper Lead Time: 10–12 weeks

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