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An Aura is a field of subtle, luminous energy surrounding a person or object. Thought to emanate from a vital force that flows through all things, Aura is recognized across culture and philosophies and goes by countless names: “chi,” “halo,” “prana,” “chakra,” and many others.

Calico Wallpaper’s Aura reveals these unseen fields. Drawing on the practice of Kirlian photography, we worked with the experimental design studio The Principals to create an interactive installation that could capture a subject’s Aura. using conductive sensing, we were able to render the inherent electricity in our bodies and invisible attributes of space visible, and explore the spectrum of Aura’s ever-changing colors. We transformed the resulting images into large scale wallpapers to create a series of seven color ways that reflect the intangible qualities of energy and light.

Aura is inspired by the process of revelation – it translates unseen energies into visual imagery. Each color way offers a glimpse into a key element of our inner essence, the core qualities that drive and influence us, and connect us to the cycle and flow of the universe.

Square foot pricing
Non-repeating custom mural
Type II Vinyl
Class A fire-rating, ASTM E84
Eight-week lead time on orders

8' x 10"

1 week


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